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by Panida, out now!

by Panida, out now!



About Panida


On the 25th of June, 1987 Panida was born in the bustling metropolis of Tehran, Iran. Shortly after turning 6 her father went to seek his fortunes in Europe, where he hoped he could secure a prosperous environment for his children to grow up in. After about 5 years Panida and the rest of her family were able to join him in the Netherlands.

Her love affair with music started from a very young age, where she would sing along to her favorite artists. Fast forward a couple of years and she was writing her own songs in English and Persian language and had taught herself to play the guitar. She would write about her life and all the things she was going through.  At the age of 17 she also entered and won an Iranian singing show on tv which led to the creation of Panida’s first album. However not having fully found her voice and the direction to take her career in, she agreed not to release it. She kept her self busy with song writing and learning music.

At the age of 28 she decided to enter an Iranian tv talent show called ‘Stage’, where she wowed the public every week by amazing energetic live shows and came in third. Following the show she continues to give concerts worldwide and is currently working on her first album. 


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07 December

Panida Live In Oslo, Norway

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22 October

“Mano Nemibini” is now out!

Panida, after her successful debut song “Bedrood” has finished her newest track “Mano Nemibini”! This song has been released exclusively by Radio Javan and features music & arrangement by Naeim Meschian. Be the first to hear Panida’s new track “Mano Nemibini”

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13 October

Panida’s New Song “Mano Nemibini” Coming Soon

Be the first to hear Panida’s new track “Mano Nemibini” next week on Radio Javan!

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