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07 December

Panida Live In Oslo, Norway

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22 October

“Mano Nemibini” is now out!

Panida, after her successful debut song “Bedrood” has finished her newest track “Mano Nemibini”! This song has been¬†released exclusively by Radio Javan and features music & arrangement by Naeim Meschian. Be the first to hear Panida’s new track “Mano Nemibini”

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13 October

Panida’s New Song “Mano Nemibini” Coming Soon

Be the first to hear Panida’s new track “Mano Nemibini” next week on Radio Javan!

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28 August

Videoclip of Bedrood is now Online!

The videoclip of Bedrood is now online, check it out! What do you guys think about it?

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16 August

Bedrood Out Now!

The single Bedrood by Panida is out now! Check it out and let us know what you think of it. The video clip of the single is coming soon so don’t forget to check our website on schedule base.

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07 April

Panida in concert (Antalya)

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01 April

Bedrood Coming Soon!

The new single of Panida will be launched soon, dont’ forget to check our website for the latest news and releases!

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14 March

Manoto Stage: Panida – Tangna

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10 February

Panida – Jaddeh

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